Hello again!

I'm Bran... again. 
I'm a CD/AD/Dad with 12+ years of professional work-experience in the entertainment design industry.

I love: designing, typography-ing, 3D-ing, illustrating, Midjourney-ing, father-ing, thinking, AR-lens-ing, surfing, directing, conversing, GIPHY-sticker-ing, etc-ing.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles in 1987, I'm a homebred designer engrained in all aspects of pop culture, entertainment, and technology. I graduated from Cal State Northridge with my BA, and continued my education by taking classes at Art Center. 

What I Do
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Illustration, Brand Communication, AR lenses, Concepting & Ideation, Strategy, Copywriting

Clients aka Brands/Studios I've Worked With  
FX Networks, Disney+, A24, Paramount, Universal, Disney, NEON, CBS Films, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, WB, Focus Features, Sony Pictures, TNT, TBS, AEG, Universal Music, LiveNation, Hot Wheels, UNO, Mattel

• 2023 - Clio Silver / Amazon Daisy Jones Integrated Campaign
• 2023 - Clio Bronze / FX Atlanta S4 Motion Package
• 2023 - Clio Bronze / Daisy Jones "Look At Us Now" Lyric Video
• 2022 - Clio Gold / FX Networks Motion Rebrand
• 2022 - Clio Silver / Atlanta S3 Motion Package
• 2022 - Clio Silver / The Bear S1 Motion Package
• 2021 - ProMax Gold / FX Networks Social
• 2020 - Clio Silver / FX Networks Social
• 2019 - ProMax Gold / Disney+ Social Launch
For any commissioned work or freelance projects get in touch 

Resumé (if you're into that kinda thing)
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