The Bear is a show that is raw, in-your-face, dizzying, and stressful. From the opening shot of episode 1, you are instantly brought into Carmy's world, and feel the weight of everything on his shoulders. 

The overall approach for our exploration was to instantly bring viewers into the gritty and fast-paced intensity of the kitchen at The Original Beef of Chicagoland, and the streets and subway tracks of Chicago.

Working closely with the team at FX – and creators of the show – we developed the motion language for the on-air campaign that was described to us as 'anti-marketing.' We used this term as a source of inspiration, and also as a challenge, as we we had to find a balance between too much and too little design and motion. 
This vision paired with selected music and sound design really began to set a tangible, yet raw tone. Cutting rhythmically allowed us to create interest, while combining texture, subtle effects, and motion techniques to bring the world of The Bear to life.
Thank yous!

Client: FX Networks
Creative Direction: Bran Moats
Art Direction / Motion Design / Editing: William Kesling
Addtl. Art Direction / Motion Design: Clément Brichon
Project Manager: Josh Canter
Studio: Watson Design Group

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